yöpuu yhtiö – general terms and conditions as of 01.08.2018

The following terms and conditions apply to all reservations made directly to Yöpuu Yhtiö’s hotels by an individual and a private person, unless different terms and conditions have been agreed in writing. Separate conditions apply for groups reservations over 10 rooms. These rules also apply to all reservations made through Yöpuu Yhtiö’s website. These terms and conditions do not apply to bookings made through third-party companies or other reservation systems rather than Yöpuu Yhtiö’s own.


When reserving a room, the guest’s name, address, arrival- and departure and the payment method must be stated. Room reservations is binding once it is confirmed verbally, in writing or through email and once you have received the confirmation letter including the confirmation number. The customer is entitled to check the confirmation letter and cancel the reservation, if needed. In unclear cases please do not hesitate to contact the sales department, myynti@yopuuyhtio.fi / +358 (0) 14 333 911.

Yöpuu Yhtiö is entitled to apply different terms and conditions to all reservations, such as prepayments, reservations fees or credit card guarantee.


The check-in starts at 3.00PM on the day of arrival. The client must check-out on the departure day by 12:00 noon. The hotel may apply exceptions on check-in and check-out times. For safety reasons, only the staff of Yöpuu Yhtiö and checked-in guests are allowed to enter the hotel room (or other reserved premises). The maximum capacity per room may not be surpassed.

Upon check-in, the customer’s identity is verified.

The room will be reserved until 6:00 PM on the day of arrival unless no other agreement has been made at the time of reserving the room or if the confirmed rate of reservation period does not include any other special terms or conditions. If the guest arrives later than 6:00 PM, the reservation can be guaranteed with a credit card or other agreed method. Otherwise the hotel can release the reserved room for sale after 6:00 PM.

In case the guest arrives to the hotel according to the arrival times agreed and the room reserved is not available, the hotel is liable to arrange an equivalent room without any extra charges.


International credit cards can be used to guarantee and confirm the reservation. If the arrival is after 6:00 PM, Yöpuu Yhtiö requires a valid credit card to confirm the reservation.

To guarantee the booking, please provide the number of the credit card, date of expiration, CVC code as well as the name of the card holder. Invoicing customers may guarantee the reservation under the company name.

As an alternative method of guarantee, Yöpuu Yhtiö may require either partial or complete advance payment to guarantee the reservation. Amount and the schedule of the prepayment must be agreed with the customer in writing.  

Yöpuu Yhtiö reserves the right to verify the credit card to the agreed amount.


Unless otherwise agreed at the time of the reservation or unless the rate confirmed, or the reservation period includes special terms, the room can be cancelled until 6:00 PM on the day of arrival. In case you fail to arrive without cancelling your reservation, Yöpuu Yhtiö will charge amount equal to the first night’s stay including taxes and possible additional services per room in all guaranteed reservations to the credit card.

Separate conditions apply for groups reservations over 10 rooms. Prepaid reservations cannot be modified or cancelled. The reservation is non-refundable and non-transferable.


In case of early departure before agreed day must be informed to the hotel by latest at 6:00 PM on the day before. If the reservation is for several nights the hotel is entitled to charge you the full amount for the whole stay. Early departure before agreed day may cause changes in the confirmed room rate.


Yöpuu Yhtiö accepts all the most common credit and debit cards. Yöpuu Yhtiö is not however obligated to accept foreign currency, vouchers, cheques or credit/debit cards unless volunteered to do so.

If the reservation has not been paid in advance, the room should be settled by cash or credit card at the hotel. Yöpuu Yhtiö reserved the right to charge or preauthorize a credit card before arrival as a prepayment. A reservation fee may be applied to the credit card as a prepayment. This will be deducted from the final bill.

A valid credit card must be presented upon arrival. In case the room is wished to be invoiced, a written agreement between the guest and Yöpuu Yhtiö must be made. Yöpuu Yhtiö charges an invoicing fee of 9€. Reservations made through third-party companies are at no time invoiced. If no preauthorization from guest’s credit card has been made, the hotel has the right to require a deposit for additional services such as minibar.


Good manners and hotel rules are to be followed in Yöpuu Yhtiö’s premises. In case these rules are broken you may be immediately removed from the premises. In case of removal, the guest is obligated to settle the accommodation and any additional services ordered. A removed guest is not eligible to claim a refund for payments already made.


Guests may store their valuables in a safety deposit box in their room or the hotel can store them upon request. Yöpuu Yhtiö is not responsible for valuables stored in a safety deposit box in the room.

Yöpuu Yhtiö is not responsible for damage or disappearance of any vehicles parked in the garage of the hotel’s parking area or premises. The company is not responsible for any valuables inside the vehicle. Yöpuu Yhtiö is obligated to clearly express in its premises that the area is not supervised, and the company is not responsible for the property kept in there.

Yöpuu Yhtiö is obligated to clearly state in the garage and parking area that the areas are not monitored.


Guests are responsible for any damage caused on purpose or by accident in the hotel room or in the hotel premises. Guests are also responsible for any damage caused by their guests or pets. This also applies to the hotel furniture and equipment, other guests in the hotel and their property.


A room reservation is only allowed to be done by a person over 18 years old. The adult making a reservation for a person under the age of 18 will be held responsible for the minor, whether he or she accommodates with the minor or not. An underage person traveling alone will need a letter of consent signed by a guardian. The letters must include the following information: minor’s name, date of birth, arrival and departure dates as well as the name and contact information of the guardian.

11. PETS

Yöpuu Yhtiö accepts pets to its hotels for extra charges (20€/night). If the guest wishes to accommodate with a pet, this must be informed before arrival. Checked-in guest in held responsible for the pet and its well-being and for any damage it causes.

Pets may not cause any disturbance to other hotel guests. There is a limited number of rooms indented to pets in Yöpuu Yhtiö’s hotels and therefore the reservation is recommended to make in advance.